The Collegiate Church of New York made an initial donation of $10,000 to help the people of Puerto Rico with water filtration, and pledged to match each dollar Middle Church raised up to an additional $15,000. Thanks to your generosity, we met and surpassed our goal for a total of $24,820.78, bringing the overall total in matched and raised funds with The Collegiate Church to $49,820.78. Successful campaigns were also held at the other Collegiate Churches: Fort Washington ($5,000), Intersections International ($4,000) Marble Church ($6,339), and West End Church ($2,600).

The Outreach Committee of the Collegiate Church released the additional $15,000 in matching funds this December: $5,000 will be donated to The Maria Fund and $10,000 for Matria, an organization doing extensive work for the people of Miraflores.

Apart from the matching funds, the initial $10,000 donation of the Collegiate Church of New York purchased two water filtration kits for municipalities in Puerto Rico through Oasis Operation. Each kit costs $4,000. The Collegiate Church of New York also donated $2,000 to Waves for Water for water filtration in the Virgin Islands.