Dear Middle Family:

It is shocking that there were three mass shootings in one week, two within 13 hours. Our hearts are broken, and we are outraged at this epidemic of gun violence. Though prayers are important, we must pray not only on our knees, but also with hearts, minds, hands, and feet. We must grieve, pray, and take action.

In worship yesterday, we reflected on the steadfast love of God, as celebrated in Psalm 107. We know God doesn't cause these evil acts, but God can help us find a way in the worst of circumstances to weave together a better future. God hears our cries and responds to us. Maybe God cries, and we are to respond as well.

Here are some soul/world healing things we can do right now, as we join our loving God to stand against gun violence:

  • Invite your Senator to support S-42, a bill that requires universal background checks. Text CHECKS to 644-32. It will ask for your zip code. If you would like to use a Kentucky zip code to connect with Kentucky senators (ahem Mitch McConnell) use 40207.
  • Sign this petition to ask for a ban on assault weapons.
  • Share the link from worship yesterday with three friends, and invite them to join our movement against gun violence.
  • Follow us in our social platforms to stay tuned about actions to take against gun violence. Stay tuned for a letter from the Collegiate Church that we will send to Mitch McConnell about ending gun violence.
  • Make a donation to EveryTown for Gun Control (we are sending 10% of Sunday's offering as a donation.)

As you grieve, know that the staff, consistory and I grieve with you. With tears in our eyes and commitment in our hearts, we know we are the ones we've been waiting for to make a change.

We love you! Jacqui