This New York City protest was part of a national day of action in response to the inhumane conditions in Trumps’ detention centers.

On Tuesday, July 2nd at 12:00 - 12:45 pm, local leaders, organizers, and activists lead protests across the country to demand the closure of inhumane immigrant detention centers that subject children and families to horrific conditions.

More than 600 activists gathered at the front steps of Middle Collegiate Church for the #CloseTheCamps Rally, organized by the ACLU, United We Dream, Families Belong Together, Move On and Middle Collegiate Church. Speakers and performers included:

  • Rev. Jacqui Lewis, Ph.D., Senior Minister, Middle Collegiate Church, Activist, Author
  • Jess Morales Rocketto - Executive Director, Families Belong Together
  • Deyanira Aldana: United We Dream
  • Drea Herrera, New York Civil Liberties Union
  • Tony Choi - Immigrant Rights Activist and Organizer
  • Resistance Revival Chorus

Following this protest, activists are encouraged to attend the Lights for Liberty Rally on July 12, 7 pm in Foley Square. More information on this action is available on the Lights for Liberty website.

Protesters are also asked to call on members of Congress to close the camps, refuse to authorize any more funding for family detention and deportation, and visit detention camps to bear witness to the atrocities being committed.

These conditions are the product of a cruel and intentional strategy by the Trump administration to terrorize immigrant communities, criminalize immigration, and dismantle our asylum laws. From imprisoning children in inhumane detention centers, threatening widespread raids to break up families, and covering up reports of migrants dying in U.S. custody, we must come together to permanently end family detention and separation, ensure all families are reunited, and close the camps.

Here are some resources, next steps, and upcoming actions:

Stay connected to the organizers /organizations represented at the rally on Instagram:

  • Move On: @moveon
  • Families Belong Together: @famstogether
  • United We Dream: @unitedwedream
  • The Resistance Revival Chorus: @resistancerevivalchorus
  • NYCLU: @nyclu
  • Reverend Jacqui Lewis, PhD: @revjacquilewis
  • Middle Collegiate Church: @middlechurch
  • Tony Choy: @tonykchoi
  • Reverend Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft: @raisingimagination
  • Sarah Sophie Flicker: @sarahsophief
  • Jess Morales Rocketto: @Jesslivmo

For more information on justice initiatives at Middle Church, please contact Rev. Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft at

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