Friday, March 15, 2019

Waking up this morning to the news of yet another massacre in a house of worship, I wept so hard it made me sick to my stomach. I ache for all my Muslim siblings in Christchurch, whose lives were cut short, whose sense of safety is shattered, whose mosques are desecrated. I stand with you, and am praying for your broken hearts. And all over the globe, wives will now ask their husbands to stay home from prayer; young women will question wearing their hijabs; and Sikhs will be mistaken for Muslim because of their turbans. These acts of terror do terrorize us, and for this I also mourn.

Echoes of Oak Creek, Charlottesville and Pittsburgh float on the hoarse, sinister, and persistent voice of a White Supremacist ideology that has masqueraded as religion through the ages. White men in charge created a white male god, who blessed those in power, and cursed those on the margins. The god they’ve created is a collection of their projections; he is punitive, angry, judgmental, selfish and harsh. Their god is anti-Semitic, and is decidedly against Muslims, Blacks, and Latinx folk. Their god is sexist, classist and homophobic.

This puny, white male god has low self-esteem, but has had power enough to cause the Crusades, the Doctrine of Discovery, and the genocide of Jews and indigenous people around the globe. Their god inspired a theology of Apartheid, enslaved Africans, and is destroying our Mama earth, in the name of greed. Their god values the right to carry guns more than the right to live, work, play and pray without fear of gun violence.

It is important on a day like today for us to be really clear about how hyper-masculinity, racism, and the policies of nations like ours lead to the destruction of lives. Hate speech, Muslim bans, anti-immigrant sentiment, the dismantling of Civil Rights, the banning of Trans-folks from the military, anti-Black racism in law enforcement, and rising xenophobia and antisemitism testify to what happens when racist fascism rises to power: Hate rises to power!

Here are three ways to push back on the hatred:

  • Valarie Kaur and Auburn Seminary’s Groundswell, have started a campaign to, as we did for Charlottesville and Pittsburgh, send love and solidarity to the families. Click here to support.
  • Secondly, Linda Sarsour is promoting a fundraising campaign to support the families here.
  • Finally, follow the Auburn Senior Fellows to stay in touch with the organizing and movement building we do, together and in our separate communities. We are Muslim, Sikh, Jewish, Buddhist and Christian. We are women and men, and many sexualities. We are a multi-ethnic group with differing theologies. What know is this: When good people of vision and moral courage

Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis
Senior Minister, Middle Collegiate Church

This article was originally posted on Auburn Voices. Read the Auburn Senior Fellow responses here.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Dear Muslim family in #Christchurch & around the world & to my friends Linda SarsourWajahat AliDawud WalidDebbie Almontaser, and Hussein Rashid,


I’m mourning with you. I’ll fight for your right to live & pray in peace. My community, Middle Collegiate Church, stands with our Muslim family, and know that #propheticgrief mourns, then acts. Here are ways we can all love out loud, and resist terror.

Sign this petition and send prayers to our Muslim family in Christchurch. 

Join me, and give to #ChristchurchMosqueShooting victims here.

Call or text a Muslim friend and send love and support. If you can, go to a mosque or masjid, please do.

With you in solidarity, #RevolutionaryLove & #propheticgrief, 

Originally posted on Facebook.