Prayers for Haiti, Afghanistan & Ethiopia

Our hearts are breaking with the people of Haiti, Afghanistan and Ethiopia.  Moments like these remind us that war is never the answer and illustrate again the futility of violence. And they are a reminder of our fundamental interconnectedness—connected by common dreams of life and flourishing. It is imperative in these moments to resist numbness—to continue to feel deeply and act as we are able. Our Senior Pastor wrote us from her Sabbatical:

Dear Middle Family,

I know you wrestled with peace at worship on Sunday, and you prayed for our globe. I’m joining you in that: I’m trying to rest today but my heart is grieving. Not only about the wild COVID situation in our nation and around the world, but the intense geopolitical upheavals. When I feel like this, I grieve, pray, and act.

As big sis to an Army General who did two tours of duty in Afghanistan—I know just enough to know how LITTLE I know about the political dynamics there. Our leave-taking leaves behind the Taliban, and a hot mess that is dangerous, most especially for women, girls and queer folks—and all the translators and other officials who worked beside our country. We who believe in freedom must pressure POTUS and Congress to evacuate the vulnerable and protect civilian communities. Move On is circulating a petition by Afghans for a Better Tomorrow that you can sign here, as a prayer. you can also sign this petition from Faithful America declaring our obligation to accept refugees.

Speaking of women and girls, nine months of conflict in Ethiopia are in my consciousness today, as Amnesty International reports sexual violence in Tigray by soldiers from the Ethiopian government, from Eritrea, and by militia fighters from the Amhara region of Ethiopia—harrowing war crimes. We must keep our hearts on liberation, and our minds on true peace for a global neighborhood torn-up by war. And we must ask ourselves, what kind of people are we who make sexual violence a strategy of war? If your heart breaks like mine does, take action as a prayer at Amnesty International.

The earthquake in Haiti crumbled homes and infrastructure and took 1,300 lives. There seems to be no end to the suffering, after the recent political assassination, and now Tropical Depression Grace. Hope for Haiti is on the ground doing essential work and Middle Church is making a donation today of $3,000 from our Black Lives Matter FundsYou know we show up in these times of disaster.

I’m feeling blue, but better. Reaching out to you, praying and taking action helps.

Love to you from sabbatical land,

Jacqui (and of course, Team Middle Church)

Click the link below to watch a conversation between Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Afghan-American artist and humanitarian Shekaiba Wakili-Bennett, and retired general Ron Lewis.

When our hearts break open, that’s God’s call to live into the fullness of our humanity—to birth loves in whatever ways we are able.

To take action with VDay to advocate beside Afghan women, click here to see their digital toolkit!