Pride at Middle Church

Queer people are holy. And at Middle Church, we proclaim and claim our queer and LGBTQIA2S+ blessedness. We know that our liberation is tied up together. Particularly and urgently NOW—amid rising fascism and a relentless assault on LGBTQIA2S+ rights, the censorship of queer literature and the war on trans bodily autonomy—we center queer communities’ resilience, joy, and spirit of protest. And what’s more, we know that the God of love, mercy, and justice calls us to queerness in how we love, preach, and build community. God is queer; God is trans, too.

That’s why we are particularly excited to invite you to join us at the Queer Liberation March June 30th 2024. We’re trying something new (and not so new) this year and reclaiming pride.

No more corps, no more bs, just love. Period.

To learn more about the Reclaim Pride Coalition of NYC click here.

Check out all the details below:

When: Sunday June 30th @ 11 A.M.
Where: Five Guys at Sheridan Square (296 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014)
Who should you contact: Contact Elise at for more info

Tips for Marching:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Please bring water, and anything else you need to keep cool. NYC summer is here and we want you to be safe!
  • Wear comfy shoes so that you can protest with purpose and comfort
  • Please meet up on time! If not you will have to find us in the crowd!

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