Racial Justice

Middle Church understands that the so-called American Dream has been a nightmare for racial-ethnic minorities. America was built on stolen land by people stolen from their land. From Jim Crow to Japanese Internment to the Trail of Tears, we know America has behaved poorly toward groups who are not White and Anglo-Saxon.

We think healing racism is an act of faith. Our racially diverse congregation wore hoodies to church after Trayvon Martin was murdered, and sent Skittles and iced tea to Sanford, Florida. We prayed with our hands up after Mike Brown was killed and kneeled in prayer in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick We participated in die-ins throughout New York City after Eric Garner was murdered. Our faith is political because Jesus was political. Just as people of faith stood at the center of the Civil Rights movement, we know it is our call to be on the front lines of racial/ethnic justice in America.

Join us for our national Revolutionary Love: The Politics of Faith Conference, April 5-7, 2019 at Middle Church for activists, artists, and congregations committed to the intersectional issues of racial justice. We also offer educational opportunities on race at Middle Church throughout the year.

racial justice rally