Thanksgiving with Middle Church

Thankgiving is upon us. Need food this holiday season?

All day on Thanksgiving, you can visit the East Village Neighbors Fridge in front of S’MAC at 12th St & 1st Ave to get free holiday-inspired meals. And if you or someone you know needs an uncooked Turkey, courtesy of our partnership with the LES Girls Club, email Rev. Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft.

If you have enough to eat, please consider giving back to our community by clicking here to sign up for a shift at the East Village Neighbors Fridge. This way, we can keep it stocked all day with Thanksgiving-inspired food! If you would like to participate:

  • Please donate individually packaged portions.
  • You can drop the food into the fridge at your signed-up time or, if you prefer, you can also distribute your food directly to patrons of the fridge.
  • We’d love to see what you cook so photos of food/donors are more than welcome! (Please note that photos of patrons of the fridge shouldn’t be taken without consent.)
  • If you can’t help out on Thanksgiving Day, but have leftovers that have not been touched, please donate your individually packed portions to our fridge!

The East Village Neighbors Fridge has been running for over a year now and our community has been amazing in helping our neighbors. Thanks, everyone! We wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!