Ushering Instructions

Welcoming in the fiercest love

We are so grateful for anyone who is able to volunteer:

We need ushers every Sunday for Both Worships! There’s an In-Person Sign Up Here, which helps us plan ahead. However, if you wake up with a desire to greet people, just head to church and get there 30 minutes before both worship begins. When you get there, folks will tell you everything you need to know.

Digital Ushering at Middle Church 

  • Digital Ushers are vital in creating a welcoming environment in the online space. 
  • In the same way ushers and greeters provide the first impression for anyone walking through the doors of Middle Church, digital ushers set the tone for anyone coming online to worship with Middle Church.     
  • Thank you for this important service – by extending Middle’s welcome and love in the digital space you are extending God’s love in the world.  

Steps to Take Before Sunday 

  • Middle worships in 3 online spaces.  
    • On Middle Church’s YouTube Channel, on 
    • Middle Collegiate Church’s Facebook page,  
    • and on our website homepage:
  • Be mindful of numbers.  If there are several ppl already signed up for Facebook, consider signing up for the website, etc.  
  • Know that the 3 head ushers are divided up between the sites already, as is Middle’s staff.
  • The night before, read over this document and familiarize yourself with the steps and protocols.   
  • Reach out to the head ushers with any questions.  

Sunday Morning Schedule  

  • Go and make sure you have the link for the bulletin to share if needed. Also keep handy our bulletin/calendar/donate texting number: 833.786.0733 
  • Worship:  11:40 at the latest, report to your online site (post) & begin ushering.  
  • There is no “Middle” account to log-into.  You will report to your post with your personal accounts, as yourself.  For example, if I am ushering on Facebook, I will log-in with my personal Facebook Account and head to Middle’s Facebook page to view worship.   
  • On, you’ll be asked to either register yourself (this is a one time thing) or to comment as a guest – at which point you’ll want to name yourself “Middle Elder/Deacon/Usher [insert name].”  ex. “Rev Amanda.”   
  • When you arrive to your post, introduce yourself as an official representative of Middle.  “Good morning, this is Elder X for Middle Church.”  “Good morning, I am Mike and I’m a greeter for Middle Church.”  We are so glad you’re worshipping with us this morning, if you have any questions, please let me know … or similar.   
  • Begin welcoming every person you see in the comments. Be mindful to not only say hello to people you know. This is an outreach moment, so be sure not to miss a new person.  
  • Once worship begins, follow and echo the worship celebration.  Middle’s Digital Minister Rev. Natalie Perkins posts the bulletin in the comments on every site – refer people to it.  
  • There are four important moments you want to be sure to echo that happen every worship celebration.   
    • Prayer.  When the prayer is happening, ask “How can we pray for you?” – and also write what YOU are praying for and how you need prayer.  Direct people to our prayer portal:   
    • The Passing on the Peace.  Don’t go to the Zoom, rather, stay on your platform. Pass the peace with people in the comments! Be sure to call people by name.   
    • Join the Movement.  Be sure to invite people to join us! No matter where they live.  Use this link:  
    • Donate.  Be sure to invite people to give to middle Church as they’ve been moved and inspired. or text Donate to 833.786.0733 
      • Please note that Natalie posts all of these links in the chat – they’ll get seen if you LIKE and LOVE and comment on them!  
      • Personal reflections are most powerful. When the ‘join the movement’ is happening, you could say “I joined Middle Church because …” when the give moment comes “I give to Middle because….”etc.  
  • The following moments don’t happen every worship, but please put the following links into the chat or provide them to individual people throughout the service as well:  
  • During the sermon, please pause conversation around anything other than the sermon. Think of this as the “holding the door and not letting people walk in the front of the pulpit” moment! 
  • Towards the end of the celebration, begin inviting people to something else.   
    • Are you in a small group? Invite them! Did they mention they’re grieving?  Invite them to our grief gatherings.  Do they want to talk to a minister? Give them our email.
  • At the end of the celebration, thank them for worshiping with us, and send them off with a word of peace, love, care or hope.   

If you see something in the comments that raises a flag –from a security standpoint, send an email in real time to the following people: (In case of emergency, text 914.517.3476)  

We will see it in the moment and take action.    

If you’d like to pass something along from a pastoral care standpoint, please email Natalie: