Worship & Arts

Worship at Middle Church is a joyous celebration of the transformative power of love. In worship, we rehearse the Reign of God on earth. We celebrate the sacraments both in our sanctuary and outside on the streets as activism. We express our faith in music and the arts because the arts are an active prayer connecting us with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit inspires us to new theologies and ways of living out our faith.

Worship is Celebration!

We don’t hold “services” at Middle Church. Every Sunday morning, we celebrate the Love Revolution at work in the world and in our lives. Our choirs rearrange our cells with the power of their music—gospel, classical, Broadway, and world music sung with wide-open hearts, and lyrics that speak to our souls. You can feel the choirs testify about their own faith through their finely hewn harmonies. You might find dancers on the pews and puppets in the pulpit.

Watch & Listen

Middle's inclusive theology, dynamic sermons and artistic worship celebrations are available anytime and anywhere. In addition to video of each sermon we also offer podcasts of sermons and the entire worship celebrations. In 2019, Jacqui will start a new podcast called Grown Up God: Lessons on the Lectionary.


Worship Schedule


Music & Art

We celebrate the arts at Middle Church in our ministries and programs. From music to dance to puppet theater to dramatic readings to the visual arts, we use arts in worship every Sunday to story God's radical love in a way that speaks to the heart, soul, mind, and body.

Weddings, Baptisms, and Funerals

Middle Church preaches a message of Love. Period. It is a message that inspires people across the street and around the world. Since 1628, people from all walks of life have found their home in our community of faith.