1. #LoveTransforms | November 18, 2018

Reflecting on the story of the Good Samaritan, Jacqui Lewis preaches about why Jesus picked this one about whom to make a point about love. And, since Jesus himself (not a Christian, by the way, but a Jew) uses a “hated other” as a hero in his story, how do we relate to the “other”? To what kind of love are we called? In the face of rising anti-semitism and Islamaphobia, how does love transform?



2. For They Shall All Know Me (Hoodie Sunday) | March 25, 2012

Right after the shooting deaths of Ramarley Graham and Trayvon Martin, Jacqui Lewis, our senior minister, celebrated the power of our multiracial community to work for racial justice. Our faith can't just be about personal piety; it is about how we treat people. And that, she said, is about politics. Jesus, she concludes, was political, and the body of Christ must be political, too.

3. Rising - Easter Sunday | April 16, 2017

Just back from a visit to see her dying mother, and just before her mother Emma passed away, Easter Sunday came. Jacqui Lewis flew back early Easter Sunday morning to preach this sermon appropriately entitled, “Rising”. She reflects on living, dying and new life.

4. WWJD (After visiting the Border; Immigration) | Sept. 9, 2018

Reflecting on the unusual story of Jesus refusing help to a Syrophoenician woman, Jacqui Lewis uses this story to remind us that even Jesus had a moment of impropriety with a so-called “other.” What would Jesus do? He'd make a mistake, she says, and then he would admit it, and be transformed in relationship with that "other."

5. As Far as the Eye Can See | October 28, 2018

After Tree of Life Synagogue massacre, Jacqui Lewis uses a story from Mark's gospel about her own journey from blindness to sight. As a Christian pastor, she has come to see how exclusive Christian theology can cause xenophobia, homophobia and violence. Can we as Christians see our way to new way to think about our faith? Can our idea of God grow-up?

6. This is Who We Are (Pride Sunday) | June 24, 2018

Using her inimitable humor, Jacqui Lewis invites us into a sermon that seems to be about the weather. It is actually about the importance of our intersectional justice issues. On this Pride Sunday, this is who we are: We are people working for racial, economic, gender, and sexual identity justice.

7. Signs | May 14, 2017

If we look for them, Jacqui Lewis shares, there are signs everywhere around us of the people we have lost, loved ones who have gone on. This is a sermon for all whose hearts are broken with grief, a sermon to encourage re-membering those we love.

8. Good Grief | July 9, 2017

This is a sermon on the self. How do we be in the world, when we are sad or hurting? Can we be authentic and vulnerable and ask for what we need? What would happen if we allowed ourselves to own those feelings of sorrow and disappointment? How can we pray through our sadness? Jacqui Lewis preaches a sermon for the soul.

9. God Has Our Back | July 22, 2018

This beloved Psalm--the 23rd Psalm--is such an evocative one. God is the good shepherd who follows us from behind with goodness and mercy. This God of goodness has our back. How can this psalm comfort us? Sometimes God uses others to be God's proxy. Jacqui Lewis tells a story about a 3 year old who saves her father's life, a story you won't soon forget.

10. Labor Pains | July 20, 2016

Jacqui Lewis and her spouse, John Janka, preach about the origins of slavery here in America, and what feels like the permanence of racism in our nation. Can we birth justice and equality in our nation? Are we experiencing labor pains? Standing between four centuries of racial oppression on the one hand, and violence against police officers on the other, John and Jacqui argue we must resist both of these narratives. And we must push to transform the soul of our democracy.