Our Team

  • Natalie Perkins

    Director of Digital Ministries

    Natalie Perkins

    For me, Middle is reclaiming Christianity and a return to a gathering of God's people, carrying out the call for love and justice God has placed on our lives.

  • Cheryl Cochran

    Director of Community Center

    Cheryl Cochran

    For me, Middle Church is community.

  • Dionne McClain-Freeney

    Music Director

    Dionne McClain-Freeney

    Quote to come.

  • Allison Sniffin


    Allison Sniffin

    For me, Middle Church is sweet polytonality.

  • Elise Tiralli

    Director of Community Resources and Engagement

    Elise Tiralli

    Through our mission, our team, and the work we do, Middle is at the intersection of what sets my soul on fire and what brings it back to equilibrium.

  • Marte Samuelstuen

    Director of Children, Youth, and Young Adults

    Marte Samuelstuen

    Middle Church is a community that proclaims Revolutionary Love, where young people are a part of our Spirit-led movement.

  • Tami Petty

    Music Director: Middle Church Choir and In-the-Middle Choir

    Tami Petty

    For me, Middle is love in action. It’s a chance to activate Psalm 150: let everything that has life and breath praise God.

  • Gloria Moy

    Staff Liaison to Butterfly

    Gloria Moy

    I am grateful for Middle Collegiate Church which has been my home since 1997.

  • Ellen Matlach

    Director of Senior Ministry

    Ellen Matlach

    For me, Middle Church is my small town in a big city.

  • Nes Martinez

    Director of Website and Technology

    Nes Martinez

    For me, Middle Church is a brave, bold, and radical project of God’s love embodied by her people.

  • Nathan Johnson

    Director of Data, Systems, and Congregational Connections

    Nathan Johnson

    For me, Middle Church is where “care” lives, thrives and is defined.

  • Christina Fleming

    Director of Communications and Digital Strategy

    Christina Fleming

    For me, Middle Church redefines Christianity.

  • John Del Cueto

    Music Director: J. J.Gospel Choir & Village Chorus for Children and Youth

    John Del Cueto

    For me, Middle Church is a practice in a spiritual journey.


  • Derrick Harkins


    Derrick Harkins

    For me, Middle Church is where love, joy, and justice bloom.

  • Catherine Torpey


    Catherine Torpey

    For me, Middle Church is divine love in action.


  • Marc Andino


    Marc Andino

    Middle Church is everything you believe in.

  • Wilson Rivas


    Wilson Rivas

    To me, Middle Church is equal, united, family.