Listen. Learn. Lean into Peace.

How did we get here? It starts with Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. It starts with ancient promises of land and identity. The story includes ongoing struggles for power and ongoing yearnings for peace.

Come listen to stories that instruct us, come listen for the heartbreaking yearnings of Jews and Palestinians. Come pray with Rev. Dr. Jacqui, a universalist Christian who believes in love. Period. Who honors all the journeys. Who is, like you, a student trying to understand this moment, and how to work across faiths to make it better.

We must listen, learn, lean into peace. AND our prayers and actions matter.

One of the ways we’re nurturing peace is by hosting a series of public conversations, with folks whose voices should be heard more widely: Peace Talks — a noun and a verb.

We are taking a brief hiatus for the Christmas holidays, but we will be back with more conversations in the new year.

Watch previous conversations at the link below, to move beyond social media sound bytes into the nuance about this conflict, so we can all know more and be better advocates for peace.

Listen. Learn. Lean into Peace. Playlist

Advocate for Peace

Contact your representative. Ask them to demand a ceasefire, and work diplomatically to release all hostages.

Resources for Further Learning

5 Books to Read

Independant Films to Watch

Comprehensive Timeline

Comprehensive Timeline with Details and Analysis

Epic Encounters Culture, Media, and U.S. Interests in the Middle East since 1945

Palestine: A 4000 Year History

Humanitarian Aid Funds

Donations to United Hatzalah

Donations to Medical Aid for Palestinians

Donations to the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund

Donations to Magen David Adom

Sermons by Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis

“kNOw Justice, kNOw Peace” – October 29, 2o23