Join the Movement

Wherever you live, you can call Middle Church home. We have members in 40+ states and 20+ countries. Our members are Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist or Agnostic, and Christians of every denomination and creed. What unites us? Commitment to this movement for love and justice. The only thing we’re missing is you.

Is your heart breaking? Fascism is rising. Racist hate crimes fill our news feeds. 15 states have banned abortion. Queer rights and freedoms are under attack. There are more mass shootings than days of the year. We know a way to not only repair our broken hearts but also the broken systems that cause harm.   

It takes love, the only thing stronger than hate. Come find a home in our fierce love, we are waiting for you! By joining the Love Movement at Middle Church, you answer the call to build God’s reign on Earth—a world where all of us thrive. Middle is proudly antiracist, womanist and queer in both our ideals and in practice. We know that the way in which we pursue justice is just as important as the destination.

We’re also deeply invested in a mission to reclaim and reframe Christianity from the extremists who have hijacked it to persecute everything that Jesus preached. We follow the One who said that all the law and all the prophets boil down to how well we love our God, our neighbors and ourselves. Love. Period. Everything else is commentary. 

We believe this work starts with you, with me; it starts with us. The love movement needs your time and energy. We need your enthusiasm to volunteer, to staff programs and lead groups—to help distribute aid to those who need it. And we need your donations, as we rebuild our church and create a Center for Spirituality, Justice and the Arts.

This is the work that sets my soul on fire. I hope it’s igniting yours, too.

Welcome to the love movement, Middle family. Come home to love.

-Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis

Want to be a member? Here’s the process:

  1. Complete the membership form below, so we have your contact information and interests!
  2. Reach out to Elise Tiralli, or Director of Congregational life, who oversees our programming and can help you get involved.
  3. Sign up for our community groups to get connected!
  4. Attend a New Members Class!
  5. Be active in your membership! This church is closer to God’s kindom because you’re in it. We know fierce love will enrich your life, and we’re so delighted to have you here.

The first step is to complete our membership form below. You are welcome here!