LGBTQIA+ Justice Resources

Each person is made in God’s image. Every one. Each straight, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, queer, asexual, intersex person is divine. We’ve known love is love is love for as long as we’ve been doing ministry on 7th Street and Second Avenue. We celebrate Love.Period. all year. We opened our doors to the HIV/AIDS community in the late 1980s offering hot meals and funerals. We organized to change ordination laws in the Reformed Church of America. We took our faith to streets in support of marriage equality in New York State, and the first Sunday after marriage equality was legal in New York State, we held a triple gay wedding during worship. We worked for the federal marriage equality law and were at Stonewall, speaking, cheering, and singing when it was passed.

At Middle, we recognize that Pride is a year-round celebration. So while we have long featured a beautiful Pride float, we also offer a host of year-round opportunities to rejoice in queer community.

Here’s a video we produced June, 2020—Queer Faith: In Our Own Words, that lifts up the lived experience of a variety of LGBTQIA+ people of faith.

And here’s a video we produced June, 2021—Queer Faith: Beyond the Gender Binary, that features 10 trans & nonbinary faith leaders from a variety of religious traditions reflecting on the blessedness of their own gender, and offering words of comfort and hope to trans & gender expansive youth amid legislative assaults on their humanity.

We also know that the particularities of our identities, and their intersections, are important! That’s why we created our Queer Black Men in the Middle small group, to address that particular lived experience. If you’re a queer Black man and would like to join, email Keith Allen at

Throughout the year, join our LGBTQIA+ group, Middle Out Loud. Email Elise Tiralli, to receive updates about events.