Do you want to get married? We want to marry you. Gay, Straight, Bi, Trans, Intersex, Queer, Assexual, +… Love is love. And your love is an expression of the divine.

Your union will be blessed by God in our sanctuary of rich beauty with your friends and community sharing in your joy.

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Sanctuary - (000)

Exposed wooden beams, wood paneled ceiling, and Tiffany windows create a warm and welcoming sanctuary. Dedicated in 1892, the space is timeless yet reflects the history of thousands of prayers, hopes, and dreams across the years.

The interior of the sanctuary is in the Gothic style, with a wood paneled ceiling that rises to 54 feet in the center. It features stained glass windows designed by the famed Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company. The glass mosaic memorial tablets add color and interest to the space.

Social Hall - (106)

The largest of meeting rooms at Middle Church, the Social Hall soars to three stories and is topped by a beautiful Tiffany glass dome. Forty clerestory windows add to the lightness of the room. Perfect for seated or standing receptions, dances, and film premieres.

Fees & Timetable


The fee for a wedding in the Sanctuary is $3,000. Special member rates are available to couples who have been members of Middle Church for a minimum of one year prior to their wedding date. All fees include honoraria for the Officiating Minister, musician, and administrative staff, as well as security, custodial services, and one sound technician.

Wedding FAQ

Marriage in our culture and society is recognized by the State of New York as a civil contract. The Church acknowledges the secular meaning of marriage but views it as more than a contract. In marriage, couples commit themselves to a mutually shared life and respond to each other in sensitive and lifelong concern. The following guidelines reflect a Protestant theology and our staff’s accumulated experience in conducting wedding ceremonies. We hope our guidelines will answer your questions so that you can feel confident about the details and enjoy your important day.