Bring Justice to the Senate

Get involved: Click here for detailed, step-by-step instruction from Protect the Results about the best way to make an impact in the Georgia Senate race. Also, our voter reform group did incredible work for the general election, mailing over 30,000 postcards to voters in swing states and engaging in robust phone and texting banks. Our focus now turns to the January Senate elections in Georgia. Want to help? Email and join us!

Voting rights and faith are inextricably intertwined. At the heart of our democratic contract is a spiritual principle: Every person is made in the image of God, and should therefore have equal say in determining how they are governed. Obviously, our country has a poor track record of living up to this ideal—to put it mildly. From the legal disenfranchisement of enslaved people, women, indigenous people and other groups to voter suppression's long and insidious reach, we have yet to witness the full expression of God's democratic dream. But, we are in the throes of the most dangerous racist assault on voting rights since Jim Crow. Sadly, our nation offers fewer voting protections now than it did in 1965.

At Middle, we know that fighting against voter suppression—and helping ensure that everyone has voice and vote—is God's work. We are appalled by the racist attempts to disenfranchise voters of color, and embrace fighting this scourge as part our congregation's antiracism work. Particularly at this crucial juncture, this divine call could not be more pressing.

Your Voting Checklist

Check to Make Sure You're Registered To Vote

If You're Not, Register to Vote

Find Out Who's On Your Ballot

Locate Your Polling Place

Make Your Voting Plan

Vote Early to Avoid Long Lines on Election Day

Request an Absentee (Mail In) Ballot Immediately If You Plan To Use One

Voting facts

Organizations to Support Fighting Voter Suppression

Jo Ann Robinson mails 2,220 postcards
Middle member Jo Ann Robinson mails 2,220 postcards she wrote to swing state voters

Black Voters Matter

Common Cause


Spread the Vote


The Brennan Center

The Poor People's Campaign