In a community as diverse as ours, we think of baptism as meaning different kinds of things. Some of us come from traditions where we understand that we have borrowed baptism from our Jewish family, a Mikveh, like most ancient religions to set us right and clean us up. For some of us it means dying to an old way of life and rising to a new life. For some of us, baptism means fresh starts and belonging to a community of accountability where we are asked to be our best self, even as we know God loves us just as we are.

And for little ones, baptism reminds them of bath time and maybe even a faint memory of what it was to be in their mother’s womb.

Baptisms are celebrated within the worshipping community on Sunday mornings. Middle Church baptizes infants, children, and adults because our United Church of Christ and Reformed traditions believes that God claims us as God’s own before we have words. If you would like to be baptized, or have a child to be baptized, please contact Ellen Matlach via e-mail or by phone at 212-477-0666 ext. 312.