Online (Zoom)


  • Please take time before the meeting to download the Zoom app and/or familiarize yourself with — it's easy and free to do so. If you need help troubleshooting, visit
  • Please visit this page at least 5 minutes before your meeting to ensure you are using the correct link for your intended meeting. 
  • Upon entering, confirm that you are in the right meeting.
  • Please change your display name.  Enter your Full Name, pronouns, and your city. i.e. "Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft (she/her, NYC)"
  • Upon entering the meeting, please hit video, as we'd love to see you.
  • Also, hit mute to avoid any audio issues. Unmute yourself when you'd like to weigh in on the conversation.
  • Sometimes, the host of the meeting will mute and unmute everyone as the meeting requires.  
  • If you have a question related to the conversation but would prefer to just type it in, there is a "Chat" section on the Zoom video where you can type in a question. We'll be checking that chatbox often to ensure we address all member comments before the meeting ends.
  • Zoom participants will adhere to demonstrating Revolutionary Love at all times.  If a participant’s behavior is deemed inappropriate by the meeting host, they will be removed.  Inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to: harassment, threats, bigotry of any kind, and not identifying themself.
  • For additional troubleshooting, see the sidebar above.
  • We are thrilled you are here and look forward to a wonderful time together.